Gem Fadling

Gem enjoys serving as a guide, with the intention of helping people encounter God in their very real lives. Always seeking transformation over mere information, Gem shares from her heart and her own relationship with God.

Gem is Vice President and Founder of Unhurried Living, Inc., inspiring people to rest deeper, live fuller and lead better. A Certified Spiritual Director, Gem enjoys walking alongside women as they grow in their spiritual life. She is also the engine behind the resources produced by Unhurried Living.

We move at the pace of grace. We change at the pace of transformation.


Here are a few ways Gem could serve you

Click each for further description.

Guide a Weekend Retreat

Gem leads retreats that provide space to encounter God, as well as authentic sharing in community. She can give input to the schedule and pacing of the retreat. Retreat content is interactive and transformational. Your community can find deep rest, refreshment & restoration, and the encouragement to move into their lives with full souls.

Facilitate a Presence Day

A Presence Day includes scripture reflection, instruction and direction from Gem, an extended time with God in solitude, silence and prayer, and sharing in spiritual community. Presence Days can be thematic and creative.

Understanding the Enneagram Workshop

This is an introduction to the Enneagram and how it can be engaged for spiritual growth. It is a marvelous process of learning to release the false self and embrace the true self. You will enjoy instruction, processing time, and large & small group interaction. We'll cover the Centers, Arrows, Wings, Type Descriptions and more.

Spiritual Direction

Gem's desire is to walk with women who are on their own spiritual journey. She enjoys creating a welcoming and safe place for you as she listens well, both to you and to God, who is the true Director. CLICK HERE for more information about Spiritual Direction.

Gem is the perfect guide for weary souls seeking refreshment with the Lord. Her welcoming, cheerful, and gentle presence helps us to put our guards down and feel safe. She also has a wealth of experience to share from her own journey with God that helps newbies or experienced seekers discern the movements of the Spirit.

Kate K.

The thing about Gem is that she is what she teaches. Present, attentive, an amazing listener. She doesn’t talk at us, but speaks as a fellow traveler with us and she has the kind of wisdom and humility of one familiar with rocky paths. I love her kindness, her genuine heart and authentic passion for women who find much of what they formerly believed and lived no longer working anymore. Perhaps most of all, I love how deeply she sees and loves every single woman in the room, and is so naturally intentional about affirming each and every one.

Linda P.

Gem is a warm, welcoming spiritual teacher and leader. She treasures openness and makes it easy for everyone to feel comfortable and at home. It was exactly the kind of retreat I needed, with just the right amount of group participation time and individual reflection time.

Laura S.