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If you desire to cultivate healthy rhythms of work and rest, welcome to the community.

We invite you to step into the stream of the life-giving patterns of Jesus so that you can begin to enjoy more peace, more creative energy and increase true productivity.


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An Unhurried Leader

The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence

We all have some scope of influence in the lives of others. We need not have a position of influence to be a person of influence.

Let’s learn together how to live as blessed members of God’s good kingdom who can share with others from his abundance in our lives.

What a beautiful impact we would have on our world. Our influence would be the overflow of God’s very presence filling us and spilling from our lives in ways that bring refreshment, encouragement, and holy energy to others.

What if each of us lived this way? Imagine the changes that might come to our little place in the world!

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Alan Fadling

Alan Fadling serves as a frequent speaker, consultant and retreat leader with local churches, national organizations and international leaders. He speaks from the intersection of spiritual formation and leadership, with content that is approachable, usable and transferable.

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Gem Fadling

Gem Fadling is a Certified Spiritual Director who shares and teaches authentically from her own life and relationship with God. She loves to help open the windows of women’s lives to let in a fresh breeze, encouraging them to find their voice, get in touch with their longings, and take that next step.

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Busy is a matter of calendar. Hurry is a matter of soul. Watch now.

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Podcast: BREATHE (A 6-Minute Retreat)

Podcast: BREATHE (A 6-Minute Retreat)

BREATHE is a practice you can engage, for about 6 minutes, at any point in your day. It’s a helpful process of re-focusing and re-engaging. It is similar to another practice I introduced a while back, SLOW. You can take a moment to breathe and to find some inner...

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The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening

Have you ever been with someone, and as they listened to you, you felt as though you were the only person in the room?  The person listening had no sense of needing to be somewhere else.  They had no sense of needing to interrupt you.  They simply listened.  How did...

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