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What if your life and work was an expression of deep and abundant overflow? The work you do might not change very much, but transforming who you are, as you live & work, will change everything.


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What if your life and work was an expression of deep and abundant overflow? The work you do might not change very much, but transforming who you are as you do it will change everything.

Grace-Empowered Transformational Leadership & Influence

Leading for Transformation

Most of us know how to teach for information, but how do you lead a team or group for transformation? Bring Alan and Gem to your leadership community for 1 to 3 days of training.

Train Leadership Communities

Alan Fadling consults with groups of leaders to provide a way of planning, strategizing and leading that is well-rooted in deep intimacy with God. Incorporate a “seek the kingdom first” approach to leadership.

Speak and Facilitate

Alan and/or Gem can speak for your group at an event or a weekend retreat. Alan & Gem both speak in a way that is authentic, interactive and transformational.

Understanding the Enneagram

Gem Fadling can provide a full day Introduction to the Enneagram workshop for your group. The Enneagram shines a bright light on our path to growth. It is a tool that helps us to come back to the true self and become more free.

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Books from Award-Winning Author, Alan Fadling

“You might ask how many books on leadership are necessary. Don’t we have enough? Well, you could purge all the excess and just own one — this one. Fadling has re-written the book on having true influence. By exploring the way of Jesus (a quantifiable genius at impacting others) we gain the radical/root perspective of leading others and how it doesn’t require longer hours, harder work, brighter brilliance or frenzied productivity. An Unhurried Leader is the deep inhale in a society of hyper-ventilation.” (Todd R., Pastor)


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