Alan Fadling

Alan encourages leaders to see that great leadership begins on the inside--in the soul. He shows leaders how to get perspective so their leadership flows from a full soul and out of healthy rhythms of rest and work. He helps leaders rediscover the genius of Jesus’ unhurried way of living and leading.

Alan serves as a frequent speaker, consultant and retreat leader with local churches and national organizations such as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Halftime Institute, Apprentice Institute, Saddleback Church, and Open Doors International. He speaks from the intersection of spiritual formation and leadership, with content that is approachable, usable and transferable.

Here are a few ways Alan could serve you

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Speak at a Conference, Retreat or Church Service

Alan enjoys speaking on themes from his award-winning book, An Unhurried Life, such as unhurried life with God, in community, in leadership development, in solitude, silence and prayer, and in connecting suffering with maturing. From his book, An Unhurried Leader, he enjoys speaking on the themes of leading from overflow, working and leading with God, grace-empowered leadership, leadership vision. He also addresses the intersection between personal spiritual formation and fruitful leadership engagement. People leave these gatherings inspired, encouraged and energized for their life and work with God.

Lead Strategic Planning Meetings or Retreats

Alan consults with groups of leaders to provide training in a way of planning, strategizing and leading that is well-rooted in deep intimacy with God. Incorporate a “seek the kingdom first” approach to leadership. Learn to plan events from a center of listening to God and seeing people through His eyes. Learning these patterns contributes to the sustainability of your leadership, and can produce “much fruit that lasts (Jn 15:16).” Consultations can be one-time or ongoing. Leaders have reported leaving these consultations more united, creative, rested, encouraged and energized for their work ahead.

Guide a Retreat

Whether meeting on-site or away at a retreat center, Alan leads retreats that provide space to encounter God alone as well as in community. Alan will give input to the framing of the retreat schedule. Retreat content is interactive and transformational. People report these retreats lead to deep rest, refreshment and restoration, as well as to richer and more fruitful work.

Lead a Training Day for a Leadership Community

Gather leaders from every level of your organization for a day or more of training. Alan blends teaching, personal discovery, small group interaction, and large group debriefing to create a dynamic learning environment. Leaders experience a vision for a less anxious and more hopeful, trusting way of working with Jesus in their areas of responsibility. Alan has met with groups of 20 to 200 leaders with organizations like Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Cru, World Impact, Open Doors, and others.

Past Engagements

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Alan is clearly more than just a writer, theologian, or speaker. He is truly a practitioner equipping leaders to slow down to order their hearts and minds to be more thoughtful and effective. Unhurried Living is rooted in scriptural truth and practical simplicity and Alan, as a speaker and a facilitator on this topic, is not only one of the best, but he is an important pioneer in this area of getting our lives into a Christ-like rhythm of rest and kingdom impact.

Jeff Spadafora

Director of Global Coaching Services, Halftime Institute

In a frenetic age when the term "unhurried leading" seems like an oxymoron, acclaimed author, Alan Fadling, has thought deeply about the challenge of living and leading more in Jesus's unhurried pace of grace. He has taught leaders on this theme in The Leadership Institute's Journey on three continents. His timely teaching uniquely challenges our mental models and assumptions about life and ministry that lead to burnout so prevalent among leaders worldwide. Fadling's award-winning book An Unhurried Life is required reading in our training. He teaching and leading have been profoundly transforming for us and as well as for many other organizations, ministries and congregations.

Paul Jensen

President & Founder, The Leadership Institute

Having Alan join our staff retreat helped us to develop more hands on practice and implementation of the tools we read about in An Unhurried Life. His speaking style brought reflection and grounding to a group of Type-A leaders. Our time was so fruitful that we invited Alan back to do a one-day retreat with 200 of our members. It was great to see that his message was able to work so well in a large group setting. We heard so many great stories of ways that people connected with God, some for the first time, and processed new truths that would help them learn to live differently in such a busy stress-filled world.

Linda Rankin

Executive Pastoral Team, Eastlake Church

Alan Fadling is a thought provoking communicator who has the rare ability to engage both the heart and the mind in ways that gently usher you into the unhurried presence of Jesus. I’ve been with Alan in numerous settings as he has led various groups, and each time I have watched people seem to exhale as if the frantic pace of their life no longer had to define them. Alan had given them hope that Jesus was with them and willing to embrace their burdens so that they could live freely. He and his ministry are a real gift.

Mark A. Moore

Director of Church Mobilization, International Justice Mission

Alan Fadling came alongside our ministry several years ago when the speed of change and dramatically increasing field opportunities threatened to overwhelm us, or worse, tempt us to drift from our calling to strengthen the Persecuted Church. He is certainly a gifted teacher, communicator, and worship leader with a depth of experience in spiritual formation practices. But Alan’s gift was his willingness to walk with us, struggle with us, and be a model, as Jesus was to His disciples. His vulnerability won our hearts, and his emphasis on an unhurried lifestyle helped us better understand how to live and work by faith.

Jeff Taylor

CEO, Open Doors International

Alan Fadling is an expert on one of the most important conversations today among those in the developed, technological world: What does it mean to live a thriving, unhurried human existence in an instant and panic-speed world? No question could be more demographically universal. No question remains so unanswered. Alan, as a non-anxious and gracious presence, helps us confront the out-of-control parts of us by insisting that judgment and guilt will get us nowhere and by showing a better way forward –Unhurried Living as modeled by Jesus and life in the Kingdom of God.

Bishop Todd Hunter

Author of Our Character at Work, C4SO, Anglican Church in North America

Alan Fadling has been a frequent speaker/presenter at an annual conference hosted by Christian Formation and Direction Ministries and Bel Air church. He is one of the ‘draws’ that keeps people coming back year after year. Alan offers invitations to examine how one lives and what may need to change to align to follow the rhythms of Christ. Winsome and clear, Alan is practical and deep. He exudes a joyfulness in his presence, which lets you know he practices what he teaches and preaches. When you are with Alan Fadling or listen to his teaching, read his writings, you know you have been with someone who has sat well at the feet of Jesus. Unhurried Living will be a gift and resource to leaders and followers alike.

Rev. Care Crawford

Pastor of Spiritual Formation & Soul Care Ministry, Bel Air Presbyterian Church

Alan has spoken at two of the Apprentice Gathering events and offered incredible wisdom both times on the personal, spiritual and emotional benefits of slowing down in life to better connect with God.  Our event attendees, as well as our staff, connect well with him and his message for spiritual growth. Alan has a genuine presence with his audiences that allows them to feel immediately comfortable in his trainings.  He approaches his time with any group with sincere interest and openness, and this openness creates an open dialogue for learning and growth.

James Bryan Smith

Friends University Professor, Executive Director, The Apprentice Institute

In my experience, ministry leaders routinely undervalue Sabbath for themselves and rarely give it a thought for those they lead. When the light finally came on for us, God brought Alan Fadling to our growing ministry family to prepare us for a week-long Sabbath for every single employee.  What a blessing! His life example and compelling teaching were the perfect way to begin (and end) that special week.

Larry Winger

CEO, Provision Ministry Group

Our staff took a break in the midst of a busy season to reflect on the level of hurry and anxiety that impacts our ministry. Alan led a powerful session about the barriers that hinder our longevity and growth as leaders. We engaged in an experiential study of scripture, cultivating awareness of God’s presence in our lives, and acknowledging where we felt dry and thirsty. Alan also gave us an insightful look into prayer for the sake of others.

Robert M. Wozniak

Associate Regional Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

For a number of years, Alan facilitated contemplative planning retreats for my cabinet while I was serving Vanguard University.  While we were all nervous about relinquishing the time for our strategic planning to significant spaces of time in reflective prayer, at every planning retreat we concluded that such time was our best investment.  At the end of each of those retreats, we were spiritually refreshed, more united as a team and had gained deep insights and priority focus for the work to which God had called us.

Carol Taylor

President, Evangel University

I have known Alan Fadling as both an author and spiritual formation leader in various conference settings. In all of these times I have been impressed with not only his wisdom and insights but that his character is consistent with his teachings. He leads well with strong biblical content and relational connections, but he is always focused more on what others are hearing and learning than on himself. I enthusiastically recommend Alan as a mentor, teacher and leader in his ministry of "Unhurried Living."

Bob Fryling

Publisher (retired), Author of The Leadership Ellipse, Intervarsity Press

Alan has joined our Selah team as a member of our visiting faculty, adding wisdom, insight and thought-provoking expertise in embracing an unhurried life. He recognizes the importance of trained spiritual directors living this way and listening for how best to encourage others to do so. His unique voice has blessed and advanced our ministry, and we are profoundly grateful.

Stephen A. Macchia

Founder and President, Leadership Transformations

Being able to have Alan Fadling lead us through a morning of reflecting on what it means that we serve and are loved by an unhurried savior was such a breath of fresh air for our staff.  I so appreciated hearing him share humbly, authentically, and as a fellow learner in the journey of life about juggling the demands of full-time ministry and leadership with an overflowing intimate walk with the Lord. It resonated with the hearts of our staff and was such a sweet reminder of our identity and foundation as we serve in ministry. I look forward to working with him more in the future.

Sherry Broesamle

National Director HR/Leadership Development, Campus Ministry with Cru