Understanding the Enneagram

The ultimate reality is that we are loved by God, just as we are and as he made us (our true self). However, as we grow up, and over time, we begin to construct a false self. The false self is who we wish we were. It is the person we want others to think we are. We compensate for a world that is not what we thought it would be. Over time, we begin to believe the false self is actually us. But we grow tired under the weight of that mask. We need a way to come back to the true self and become more free.

The Enneagram is a tool that helps us make our way into that process. Many times a day we move from true to false and back to true again. It is an ongoing process. The Enneagram gives us a vocabulary as we catch ourselves under stress and shows the way to move toward growth.

Gem Fadling can provide a full day Introduction to the Enneagram workshop for your group which covers:


True Self/False Self




Centers of Intelligence

Nine Types



Critical Movements

Processing Time

Going Forward

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