An Unhurried Leader

The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence

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The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence

Spiritual mentor. Pastor. Executive director. Parent. Professor. Spouse. We have many roles and relation- ships. And in the midst of all we do, we’re tempted to frantically take control of situations in hopes of making good things happen.

Alan Fadling, author of An Unhurried Life, writes: “That kind of unholy hurry may make me look busy, but too often it keeps me from actually being fruitful in the ways Jesus wants me to be. Jesus modeled grace-paced leadership. To learn from him, we begin not with leading but with following.”

In these pages, Alan Fadling unfolds what it means for leaders to let Jesus set the pace. Through biblical illustrations, personal examples, and on-the-ground leadership wisdom, this book will guide you into a new view of kingdom leadership. Along the way, you just might find that the whole of your life has been transformed into a more livable and fruitful pace.

“As my own leadership responsibilities have significantly increased in recent years, I can only say ‘many thanks!’ to Alan for offering such a timely, rooted, and integrated vision of the very real possibilities that exist for leaders who choose an unhurried life. It’s all true! And it’s an ongoing pursuit, which is why his book is so helpful. Rich with practical examples of practices to support this way of life and leadership, An Unhurried Leader is a great guide for anyone who seeks to lead from a place of overflow rather than deficit.” (Mindy Caliguire, founder, Soul Care)

“At the heart of Christian spirituality is love. Jesus instructed us to love God and our neighbor. Paul said the greatest virtue is love. But love takes time―and time is the one thing a hurried leader does not have. The results of unloving, anxious, fear-based Christian leadership are now all around us, as seen in the culture-wide rejection of church. In An Unhurried Leader, Alan Fadling points the way out of hurried leadership that kills the souls of leaders. He reveals leadership steeped in spiritual abundance and joy. This is not a how-to book. This book lays out a path to becoming a better sort of person, who is then naturally a better kind of leader.” (Todd Hunter, Anglican bishop, author of Christianity Beyond Belief)

“In An Unhurried Leader, Fadling uses the Bible to unpack the wisdom of choosing to be led by Jesus as we lead others, so that our pace, ways, and results align with God’s will. This is a book I highly recommend to everyone who is intentional about joining God at work and working God’s way.” (Jean Paul Ndagijimana, corporate chaplain, Lift Up Limited, Rwanda)

“Alan set out to offer an inspiring vision of leadership that is less hurried and more fruitful, less hectic and more joyful―and that he did. With the biblical text as his consistent backdrop, each principle, practice, and suggested reflection creates a unique mosaic for every spiritual leader desirous of living an abundant life.” (Stephen A. Macchia, founder and president of Leadership Transformations, and author of Broken and Whole)

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