Multiple times this last year I had the thought that I would run out of insights or encouragements to share with you.

Silly, right? As though there would come a point where I have finally learned it all and successfully enlightened you with my “wisdom.” As I said, silly.

I once heard Seth Godin talk about how he could possibly blog every day. How could he sustain such an assignment? His answer was brilliant and fits nicely into the Unhurried Living paradigm.

He said something like, “Knowing I have to write every day keeps me present and aware.” He knows that he has to produce something enlightening or educational every day, so he remains open to be taught. He tries to be present so as to catch the nuances and insights of life and work.

I am attempting to live the same way. With “Connectedness” as one of my top five StrenthsFinders, I love to connect the dots between what is happening on one level to a deeper level of meaning.

But I must still remain open, aware and present to see these connections.

It is important that you know that Alan and I are still works in progress. We are not sitting here in some zen ivory tower shouting down from above, “Take a rest!”

We live a real life. This last year has been very stretching for me. Let’s be honest, starting a non-profit (or any new organization) is hard. At more than one point the financial ramifications of beginning something new pushed me to the far distant edges of my comfort zone.

It was out on these edges that I realized that if I could not life an unhurried life within an organization of the same name, how in the world was I going to be of any help to anyone else?

So I dug in deeper.

The Lord is my Shepherd. What more could I want?
Cast your cares on him as he cares for you.
My soul finds rest in God alone.

So much more than mere memory verses. This is how life works.

The words of scripture come alive at your point of need.

I needed a way out of my fear and anxiety. And like a hand reaching out to one who has fallen overboard, the grace of God met me in that exact place.

My guess is that you have your own stories of fear and anxiety, pain and struggle. Let this be a time to dig in. Let God meet you in a new and perhaps deeper way. Let your view of him expand. And may he surround you with his presence.

This is the kind of life that keeps us fresh. This is the reason I will never run out of things to share with you.

I will continue to learn. God will continue to meet me in my deepest place. And, by his grace, I will continue to share my life.



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