Sometimes, when I’m laying in bed falling to sleep, or just when I awaken in the morning, I call to mind the first line of Psalm 23 in a somewhat paraphrased form:

The Lord is my shepherd,
      What more could I want?

The paraphrase isn’t original with me, but I can’t remember where I first heard it. Many translations go with something like “I have everything I need.” But I like the sense of amplifying the “want” word of the KJV “I shall not want.” The rest of the psalm seems to unpack what it looks like for David that that all he wants or needs he finds filled in communion with the Lord who shepherds him.

Practically speaking, I will sometimes allow my hopes, my desires, my wants to bubble up into my awareness and let them bump into that line of holy, life-giving truth. Whatever it is that I feel is lacking in the moment, I simply let myself remember that it is the Lord who meets me there and shepherds me in my feelings of want or need? I have many of them. Do you? Why not try that little exercise for five minutes right now?




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