In my work, I get to talk to a lot of leaders. Some of them are energized and encouraged. Some of them are tired and discouraged. I wrote An Unhurried Leader to help both groups find a more fruitful way to lead.

This week, I’m pleased to share a video Gem produced based on a quotation from my new book. As I talked about leadership as influence—kingdom influence—I imagined and envisioned how that might be an abundant, energizing, even overflowing experience:

“Where our lives touch the lives of others, may we enrich them rather than diminish them, may we generously give and not selfishly expect something from them.

Our influence will grow as we cultivate a way of living and working that feels far less draining over time and far more energized by the Spirit to the point of overflowing. We will experience more and more moments when we feel as if we are living and leading from abundance rather than out of sheer willpower or our own detached-from-God human efforts.

…Jesus has invited us into this reality of an ongoing conversational relationship with God. This is a fruitful way to live and lead. (An Unhurried Leader, p. 12-13).

I hope you’ll take a moment to enjoy Gem’s beautiful and restful video based on these words, “A Fruitful Way to Lead.”



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