Ps 105:3-4 NIV, “Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.”

The name of Jesus is a name that shines. It carries weight. It is full of glory . It always helps me to remember that two main metaphors underlying biblical words for “glory” are shining and weightiness.

I glory in the name of God when I act in ways that express the weightiness of who God is in thoughts, feelings, choices, and actions. I can let my heart choose joy as I seek the Lord. I can let the person of Jesus shine in my heart and mind, exposing the darkness of fear, anxiety, and distorted desire.

Throughout this day, in each task, project, conversation or whatever, I can look to the Lord and trust in his strength. I can discern the significance of God’s presence with me. I can watch for all the ways that God shines in my life, in my work, in my interactions, in the world around me.

I can say to my soul, “What do you need?” I’m sometimes tempted to say, “Many things.” But I can remind my soul of a glorious reality by asking, “What do you lack in him?” My soul has to admit, “Nothing.”

Join me in letting the warm shining of God’s smiling face light the way ahead of you throughout this day. Let this be a joy-filled day. Experience just how strengthening the joyful presence of God is.