Have you ever come into God’s presence to pray and only then discovered that your mind or heart have failed to join you there? What do you do then?

Praying scripture has been central to my own spiritual formation, as well as key in my training of Christians around the world.

Guided prayers have helped me and others connect personally with God in scripture and experience His presence more deeply. They’ve helped me encounter what I read about in the Bible.

This week, we are launching our new online course entitled, Encountering God in Scripture: Guided Prayers in the Psalms.

This course is not merely instruction. It is an experience of 10 guided prayers from Psalms 23, 27, 62, 63, 73, 100, 103, 127, 130 & 139.

I will guide you as you meditate on each Psalm. There are pauses for reflection and the pace is prayerful. Beautiful and thoughtful imagery helps to guide you as well.

My hope is that you will engage in these prayers over and over, allowing God’s word to soak your mind.

The first guided prayer (Psalm 23) is free to preview, and the course is only $15, about the price of a good book.

Encountering God in Scripture can help you if…

  • You seek to connect personally with God in scripture.
  • You want practices that will help you experience God’s presence more deeply.
  • You would like to receive peace and not merely learn about it.
  • You want to learn how to better listen for the voice of God.
  • You desire connect your thirsts with God’s presence.
  • You long to live from a rested soul.

As always, we want nothing more than for you to encounter God so that you can rest deeper, live fuller and lead better.




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