Leading for Transformation

Most of us know how to teach for information, but how do you lead a team or group for transformation? What does it take to lead in a way that takes into consideration your own growth, the growth of your team and your community? We will share with you how we do what we do, drawing on our 25 years of experience.

Alan & Gem will come to your location to work with you and your leadership community. We can work with you to structure a one, two or three day experience of learning to lead for transformation. Contact us at the link below.

Who You Are

  • A paradigm for the process of transformation.
  • The importance of preparing who you are.
  • Making space for practice & encounter.
  • The gift of listening well. Spiritual leadership hospitality. Holding a space for others.
  • Unhurried Time with God explained and experienced.

What You Do

  • Informational density versus formational density of content.
  • A formational pedagogy. Modes of teaching/learning.
  • Working with God.
  • “Process” thinking versus “event” thinking.
  • Unpack Prayer as Primary Influence.

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