Train Leadership Communities

Alan Fadling consults with groups of leaders to provide a way of planning, strategizing and leading that is well-rooted in deep intimacy with God. Incorporate a “seek the kingdom first” approach to leadership.

Using the abbreviation CDER (Contemplation, Discernment, Engagement, Reflection), you and your team can learn to plan your work from a center of listening to God and seeing people through His eyes. Leaders have reported leaving these consultations more united, creative, rested, encouraged and energized for their work ahead.

Alan will come to your location to work with you and your leadership community. We can work with you to structure a one, two or three day experience. Consultations can be one-time or ongoing (2 or 3 per year). Contact us at the link below.


Contemplation is a way of living and working in God’s presence.


Discernment is recognizing the light of God’s presence shining on the path before me.


Engagement is practicing the presence of God in our work.


Reflection is learning from the journey so far to gain wisdom for the journey ahead.

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