I’ve had several fun opportunities to speak, write and interview in the month of December so far. Below are links if you’d like to explore these resources further:

Christianity Today 2017 Book Awards. I was pleased to serve as a judge in the category of spiritual formation this year. Two books that I especially enjoyed were also voted the top two books in that category.

First, the award winner in spiritual formation was Adam McHugh’s The Listening Life, was one of my favorite books this year (as well as Gem’s). I wrote the following comment after reading it: “We live in a wordy world, but so few of those words are well-heard. Thankfully, there is a growing hunger for the kind of depth that comes in good listening. In The Listening Life, Adam McHugh invites us into the receptive and fruitful posture of listening well. It is both an insightful and enjoyable read.”

The Award of Merit winner was James K. A. Smith’s You Are What You Love. My comment was published in CT’s write-up of the award winners:

“Too many Christians pay attention only to what they think and assert—without letting their attention probe what they actually practice and love. You Are What You Love is an invitation and a guide to that deeper look. With rich wisdom and inviting grace, we are encouraged to cultivate holy and reliable rhythms of worship rooted in the rich tradition of life-giving liturgy.” —Alan Fadling, president, Unhurried Life, Inc.

You can see the other award winners on the CT website.

Larissa Marks interview, “My Spiritual Practices.” I wrote a response to a series of helpful spiritual formation questions that you might find helpful on Larissa’s blog.

Larry Warner’s new book, Discernment, God’s Will & Living Jesus. I was pleased to write an endorsement for this new and excellent spiritual formation resource:

“When I first heard that Larry Warner was working on a book on discernment, I remember thinking that he was the right person for the task. Larry speaks from deep personal and professional authority. Discernment is far more than an interesting topic to him. It has become a way of living. I hope you’ll read this book and respond to this invitation to more fully live Jesus.”

You can get a copy on Amazon here.

All Shall Be Well Conference 2017. On February 4, Kai Nilsen, author of Renew Your Life: Discovering the Wellspring of God’s Energy,  will be the keynote speaker for this year’s conference at Bel Air Presbyterian Church.

I’ll be leading a workshop titled, “Overcoming Challenges in Spiritual Maturity.” This interactive workshop will explore five common challenges we may face in the process of maturing in our friendship with Jesus. Some of these include issues related to soul hurry, rhythms of spiritual disciplines, the temptations related to our sense of identity, dynamics of active and receptive life and, finally, one’s vision of prayer.

I’d love to see you there. Click for registration information.