We’re so glad you’re part of the Unhurried Living family. Maybe you joined recently. Maybe you’ve been with us since we launched last year. Either way, you mean a lot to us. We’re grateful for about 2,000 of you who have found us and become part of us.

As you know, everything we do is about helping people rest deeper, live fuller and lead better. That’s not just a slogan. It’s a way of life and work that we’re seeking to grow in ourselves, and are so happy to have you along for the journey.

We wanted to give you a snapshot of the gathering you've joined and how it has come together:

Thank you for being such an important part of this engagement!

Here’s a note from a youth ministry couple at a large church in the Midwest about the impact of Unhurried Living in their lives.

I asked my wife, "What kind of effect has Unhurried Living made in my life?" Here’s her response: My husband has been able to slow down and give himself permission to be instead of always doing. He gave God the space to reorganize his priorities in a way that was more natural for what God was already trying to do in him. This replaced the mode of letting his context tell him what he needed to do or be. Our family has reaped the benefits of this, not only with his time, but also because we aren't getting the leftovers of the "shoulds and ought to's.” He is able to be more fully present. His pace has changed in such a way that he can notice the things that God is doing around him and respond accordingly. (Matt & Jen, Youth Pastor)

We would love to see this community expand and we’d love you to be part of that happening. As you may know, as a nonprofit, a significant portion of the funding that makes Unhurried Living possible comes from a growing community of patrons--of friends who give.

Would you consider becoming part of this team? Together, we’d make it possible to continue the free offerings of the weekly blog post, regular podcast episodes, continued development of online courses, resources and future book projects.

We are guessing that you, like us, desire to increase the tribe of people who are living from the inside out, people who are living, loving and working from a deep connection to God, and people who are overflowing with grace in their families, neighborhoods and workplaces.

Maybe you’re already a member of this group of friends who have stepped in closer to partner financially in the work of Unhurried Living. If so, thank you!

If not, we’d love for you to join the Unhurried Living Partner Community? Many friends give $20, $50, or $100 monthly to participate more closely in this continuing work.

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How might this be a blessing to you as a new partner?

  • First to hear: You’d be in on the latest happenings and developments at Unhurried Living by being part of an inner circle email list we call the Unhurried Living Partner Community.
  • GIFT for new monthly donors: For those making a new monthly commitment in any amount, we’d love to send you a new resource we’ve just developed: a beautiful black embossed Unhurried Living blank journal with bookmark and an elastic band closure.
  • Resources: You’ll enjoy occasional “inner circle” resources we send along to our partner community.
  • Thank you note: Gem and I will send along a personal handwritten thank you note for your donation.

The work and impact of Unhurried Living has been transformative to us. We are honored to invest in their work so that others have the same opportunity for authentic Christian transformation. The validity of their work is evident to us as they share the same message of the life and rhythms of Christ in whatever culture around the world they find themselves serving. (Jeff Linam V.P. Regulatory Affairs and Mary Linam Spiritual Director and Missions Consultant)

As you well know, we live in a hurried world, and hurry is costing us more than we realize. Would you be a partner in the development of resources and training that will help more and more people to slow down, become present, and learn to live from fullness rather than running on empty?

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Alan & Gem