The other morning, as I was beginning my day in some silent prayer, I had a strong thought come to me, a reminder by the Spirit, I think, that the remedy to my anxiety, fear, self-doubt and insecurity is to be present in the moment, abiding vitally in the presence of Father, Son and Spirit. When I allow my thoughts to stray to anxious concerns about the future or empty regrets about the past, I am lost. There is no life for me worrying about the future because I am not in the future. I am only actually here now. It’s a pretty simple insight that I too often forget.

There are many moments, of course, when I may strategize or plan for the future—for myself, my family, my vocational roles—but I cannot and do not live in the future. This present moment is the only moment I actually have to live and to lead. When I forget this, my soul becomes uprooted and vitality begins to fade. I become like the cut flower that, while still beautiful and apparently alive, is already beginning to die.

Lord, enable me to be present with you here and now. Grant me rootedness in your reality. May I find myself at rest and at home in your presence. Thank you. Amen.

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