More Fruits of Solitude

One of my favorite ministry opportunities is providing Unhurried Time with God (silence & solitude). Recently, I led a day like this with a group of leaders. After a few hours alone and quiet with God, we came back together to debrief our experiences. As I was...

The Importance of Listening to God

I lead a lot of day retreats that have at the heart of them a number of hours to be alone and quiet in listening prayer. I led one on Friday. Earlier this year, one participant shared a conversation she had with a pastor who suggested that “There is no biblical...

Some Fruits of Solitude

I’ve mentioned in this blog that I lead quite a few days of solitude and silence for Christian leaders every month. It is my most favorite and fruitful ministry. Sometimes these days are for an unrelated group who gather for a single day together. Sometimes it’s a...
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