When I was about six years old, my mom and I took a road trip from Washington to California to visit my grandparents.

At one point, during the long drive, I decided to take a nap. I had eaten my lunch, except for a few potato chips in a little yellow bag. I put them up on the dashboard and went to sleep.

When I woke up, I checked my chip bag for a snack and all of the chips were gone.

I asked my mom where my chips were. She told me that sometimes when you leave potato chips out in the sun, they disintegrate and disappear. I questioned her, but she insisted, so I believed her.

Many years later, when I was in my 20s, I was on a road trip with my husband. I was staring out the front window and my eyes drifted down to the dashboard.

I remembered that road trip with my mom and how the potato chips disappeared. It was then that I realized, “Wait a minute! Chips can’t disappear! My mom ate those chips!”

At this point, of course, I was laughing out loud, yelling, “The sun doesn’t make chips disappear!” I then had the chance to tell my husband the story and we laughed together.

Then, when I was a young teenager, we would travel from Washington to California to visit aunts, uncles and cousins during the summer.

The first time I went to swim at my aunt and uncle’s pool, my uncle gave me the grand speech that some of you may have heard before, “Do not pee in my pool.” But he added a little more, “In fact, I will know if you pee in my pool because there is a chemical in there that turns the water around you red if you pee.”

I was assured by both my uncle and my cousin that I would definitely turn the water red. So, of course, I did not pee in the pool.

Now, remember, I was from a small farm in Washington. We had freezing rain in the winter. We had a pond in the front pasture that I would swim in in the summer and skate on in the winter. We did not have swimming pools. So I didn’t know there was no such thing as a urine-detecting chemical for a pool.

I believed it all.

So, now that you know that I am one of the most gullible people on the planet, I have a question: I wonder if my behavior could be an example of childlike faith?

Aside from the fact that my mom and uncle both lied to teased me, I believed them. I trusted their word because I inherently trusted in their authority to know how things work.

What if I could believe God in the same way I believed my mom and my uncle?

What if, when God says, “I love you,” I could simply take that at face value and let that be my reality? What if I could sink into that and then move out into my life from that base?

What if, when God says, “Do not be afraid,” I could rest in His words? What if I could trust that He actually does know what is best for me right now, even though I can’t see it?

Of course, the great thing about God is that He is 100% trustworthy. God does not pull your leg. His love is sure. Sink into that today and try to move forward from that place.

But, just in case, the next time you take a road trip, keep your extra chips in your purse.

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