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Unhurried Living
26861 Trabuco Rd., #E45
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Our I.R.S. tax I.D. number is 81-2220486 (for foundation and charitable fund donations)

Spiritual Direction

You can change the lives of Christian leaders around the world by giving today.

For these hard working international leaders, there is a need for training in spiritual practices and leadership that can foster the sustainability of their leadership over a lifetime.

The problem of busyness in the lives of leaders is proving to be universal. The need for more unhurried leadership is cross-cultural.

Many of the leaders we train are in countries where persecution is rampant. These leaders face immense opposition and even attack for their work in Christian leadership.

Your gift helps provide training to Christian leaders around the world who need to rediscover what it means to rest deeper and live fuller so that they might lead better. 

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