Gem Fadling


Spiritual Direction

At the heart of spiritual direction is listening.  Holy listening.  You listen to God.  I listen to you.  Together we listen to and watch for the Spirit’s movement in your life.  A spiritual direction appointment is where we take the time to notice how God is moving in your heart, your mind, your life.  It is sacred space to be open to the grace of God.

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Presence Day

Every day, we are bombarded with information–news, social media, tv, radio, conversations. We are kept busy with work, family, and other relationships. A Presence Day is a time for listening to One. Setting aside other input, we seek to be in a receptive mode, being present with God and our own hearts.

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Gem loves to help open the windows of women’s lives to let in a fresh breeze, encouraging them to find their voice, get in touch with their longings, and take that next step.

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